Encourage Energy Innovation, Ensure Energy Security

“Encourage Energy Innovation, Ensure Energy Security” was a A Stop-Motion Short Film created to show visual expression to show the importance of chemistry in energy production. The film stresses the importance of chemistry in creating plastics and obtaining natural gas using horizontal wells and fracking, encourages using non-recyclable plastics as an energy source instead of disposing them, and shows the impact that domestic natural gas production could have on creating American jobs.The film placed 1st in Zoopa’s “From Chemistry to Energy Video Contest” sponsored by the American Chemistry Council.

“The video really holds the viewer’s attention from start to finish — a difficult thing to pull off with this kind of subject matter”

-Zoopa’s Official PR Release about the video

To learn more about the Chemistry to Energy campaign, goto:

Stop! Think Green and Save

This “Stop Motion” short film was created in the Winter of 2008 at Hope College in Holland, MI and received 2nd Place in National Geographic Channel’s Preserve Our Planet Short Film and PSA Contest. After shooting and processing over 13,000 images, the short film debuted at National Geographic Headquarters in Washington D.C. as an introduction to the premiere of the movie “Human Footprint.” The film was shot with a standard Canon Rebel XT and a PcliX intervoltometer.

Local Effects of Climate Change: A Bolivian Story About Glaciers and Water Resources

A snapshot of the local influences of climate change on water resources and what it means for the capital city of La Paz. Climate change in this region is not as simple as glaciers melting. Interviews with local experts reveal that water shortage is not the only cause for concern in regards to climate change. Bolivia’s National Panel on Climate Change has to focus on different aspects of adaptation, which presents a tremendous challenge for South America’s poorest nation.

2011 Odd Year Pull Recruitment Promo

Created for the promotion of The Pull to encourage new Freshman to join Odd Year Pull at the start of the semester. Because the nature of The Pull is so competitive, good video footage is not publicly displayed in order to keep strategies secret, but this shorter video was put into public view for recruitment purposes without sacrificing strategy. The Pull is known to be the longest running college tradition in America and started in the 1800′s at Hope College.
Hope College’s Official Pull Website

Texas A&M is Diversity

Created for a student competition put on by the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) at Texas A&M University in the Spring of 2010, this video illustrates the range of diversity encountered only after a few months of study. “…and then they blend in to a perfect unique culture, which is called the Aggie…In other words, you can say that Texas A&M University is a microcosm of America, it is the perfect melting pot.”