Howdy y’all!

In the summer of 2008 I was lucky enough to do some geology research in soutwestern Sweden (between Halmstad and Falkenburg) and traveled for about 9 days from the southermost point of Malmö all the way up to the arcticle circle and the small town of Jokkmokk. These travels were mainly documented through videos and photos.

In the Fall of 2008 I studied abroad through the SIT program where I found myself in Cochabamba, Bolivia for 3 months and about 1 month in the capital, La Paz. During my time of study, I focused on advancing my Spanish and visual anthropology skills. Our program took week-long excursions to Sucre, Potosí, Santa Cruz, , Lake Titicaca, and La Paz, where I created a bilingual documentary focused on the issue of climate change as it relates to glaciers and the water supply for La Paz and El Altiplano.

After graduating from Hope College in the summer of 2009, my college roommate Jeff Vredenburg and I set out on a South American Journey to practice our Spanish, do some volunteer work, and do what the kids nowadays call, “Livin’ the Dream.” This trip brought many new experiences, and gave us a chance to think about our callings a little deeper (upon returning Jeff changed his degree/career plan completely). After enjoying the geology of the Andes, I found myself back in the U.S., but continuing my journey as I moved across the country to Texas.

I am currently a graduate student at Texas A&M University pursuing a masters degree in geology with a focus in remote sensing and geomorphology.

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