August 30th, 2009

Week 0 : Checklist?

Jeff Vredenburg and Tyler Depke have again decided to flee the country and take on the world. Their previous travels have only half-prepared them for the adventure that awaits: four months in South America with backpacks, a list of contacts, and two cameras.

Their travels start out in Lima, Peru and will continue to evolve as they meet people and figure out the best places to visit and sights to see. After a few weeks in Peru improving their Spanish and adjusting to altitude (Much of their time in South America will be spent above 8000ft), they will travel to Quito, Ecuador where they are participating in a month-long volunteer program. They will start out in Jipijapa, Ecuador teaching English, computer skills and habitat conservation to middle school students and taxi drivers. After doing this for three weeks, the Chiriboga Ecological Project awaits their brawn; they will be doing manual labor in a Cloud Forest for a week at a nature preserve.

After this their itinerary opens up. They know that they are going to head down farther south, but the duration of the time they spend in Ecuador after their program finishes is uncertain, as is the path they will take. Nevertheless, they will somehow end up in Bolivia. Tyler, who spent the fall semester of his senior year there, has host families in La Paz and Cochabamba that are willing to open their doors to them. Jeff and Tyler’s time will be split between sightseeing and helping out where needed with missionaries in the area. After this, they will be traveling down through Chile where they are visiting a few friends in Santiago, and then probably cutting across the Argentine Pampas to Buenos Aires. Uruguay may also beckon them to visit its golden beaches.

Although not sure how they will be traveling, busses, taxis and an occasional airplane are not out of the realm of possibilities. Depending on the situation, hitchhiking, swimming, parachuting, and bush-planeing may also be necessary.

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Author: tdepke

3 Responses to “Week 0 : Checklist?”

  1. Grandpav says:

    Best of luck on your adventure- we’ll be thinking of you and keeeping track of what you decide to share. God speed-
    love ya

  2. amy says:

    i look forward to following this adventure!! safe travels today!! ciao!

  3. Liliana Dorado says:

    Buenísimo! Disfruto mucho sus aventuras y comentarios. Quedo a la espera de los que vendrán sobre Quito. Que lo pasen super!

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